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Maintenance and Repairs.

If you are a tenant of a property managed by Whitby Residential Lettings, your point of contact is direct with me. If I am not managing the property, your Tenancy Agreement has the contact details of the landlord and you should liaise direct with them for any property maintainence or issues.

Please read your Tenancy Agreement to check who is responsible for each type of repair or maintenance issue before contacting Whitby Residential Lettings. Minor issues such as changing light bulbs are the tenants responsibility but so are blocked drains if caused by flushing baby wipes down the toilet!

Whitby Residential Lettings will endeavour to get a tradesman out to you as soon as possible but, please remember, it is not always easy getting one out late on Saturday or Sunday morning. If you spot a problem report it to me sooner, rather than later, so it can be dealt with as a minor repair rather than leaving it to become an emergency.